Irish Setter Work Boots: A Guide to Quality Footwear Complete Guide

Are you in search of a reliable footwear that can last? Look no further! Irish Setter work boots are here to provide maximum support and comfort – perfect for any long day job.

This guide will help you find the right pair of boots that offers optimal protection and style. With our expert advice, you’ll have the confidence to tackle any task in total comfort.

Welcome to the Irish Setter work boot guide. Here, we aim to provide you with a complete guide to finding the perfect pair of boots for your workplace. As an iconic American brand, Irish Setter recognized not only the need for quality and durable boots, but also that comfort is essential in any industrial environment. The company is known for its premium leather boots with padded collars and high-lug outsoles designed for tough environments.

For decades, Irish Setter has provided their customers with styles of varying sizes, heights, features and characteristics. They have also engineered their leathers so they meet a variety of needs including fire hazards and electrical insulation checks as well as different rough terrain challenges such as ice and snow or slipper surfaces. To learn more about which style works best for you and how to use our buying guide to select the right size and fit for you, please read below!

Materials Used in Irish Setter Work Boots

A comprehensive overview of the materials used in Irish Setter Work Boots is necessary to give customers an idea of which model will be the best fit for their needs. Different working environments require various levels of protection and durability, and it’s important that customers are as informed as possible when making their purchase.

Upper: The upper is the portion of the boot that is visible while wearing, and it allows flexibility while providing protection. Commonly made with full-grain leather, such as pull-up leather or bullhide leather, this material provides excellent strength and oil resistance. This type of leather also has plenty of elasticity and offers improved breathability for greater comfort throughout the day. Other materials commonly used for uppers include Nylon 6.6 Polyester Mesh with PU film coatings and Clarino artificial leather – both these materials provide lightweight comfort, along with plenty of durability.

Lining: The offering from Irish Setter uses DRYZ moisture managing liners, which not only keeps feet dry but also helps to reduce any odors created from sweat throughout the day. For added convenience, these liners are treated to provide insulation from cold conditions too, so no matter what your working environment throws at you these boots will offer unparalleled protection during wear time.

Midsole: The midsole plays a crucial role in providing support at key pressure points so you can remain comfortable all day long on your feet without discomfort or unnecessary strain being placed upon them while they are being worn during laborious tasks or long shifts respectively. Cork based EVA foam halburnes are utilized within some models along-with compression molded EVA foam midsoles offering improved insulation when exposed to cold environments out on site and additional cushioning underfoot during extreme labor situations – Both midsole types offer incredible comfort with plenty of arch support too keeping workers safe on their feet no matter how tough the job may be!

Leather and its types

Leather is the most important material used in the manufacturing of Irish setter work boots. It is important to select the right type of leather in order to make certain that your boots are durable and long lasting. Leather comes from many different animal hides and can be divided into four main categories: full-grain, top grain, split grain and bonded leather.

Full Grain Leather This is the highest quality hide of an animal though it contains a few natural imperfections that give its character. Full grain leather also contains all its original properties such as grain pattern, pores, hair follicles etc., which helps it to provide maximum breathability and protection against water penetration.

Top Grain Leather Top grain leather is more refined than full-grain leather which means that its outer layer has been sanded down and buffed to remove the natural imperfections giving it a smoother finish; it still holds a lot of durability due to this process however certain proportions are lost during this stage. During this process, extra products such as oils or waxes can also be used in order to add extra shine and make it water resistant.

Split Grain Leather Split-grain leather on the other hand refers to lower grade divides in which only half part of an animal hide is used by splitting them in two layers; this layer also retains part of some properties but because it lacks fibers,making them more weaker than other layers of Hide when exposed to environment elements like dirt or wetness since they are more easily absorbed into them.

Bonded Leather Bonded leather is created through a unique process that binds together pieces of real animal skin with adhesives mixed with polymer until they become one cohesive layer; the presence of adhesive material gives them resistance against abrasion however lack fibers for further reinforcement making it inferior choice for work boots compared with full or top grain type hides.

Waterproofing materials

When choosing a waterproofing material for a quality pair of Irish Setter work boots, consider both their purpose and their durability. Leather is a popular choice, as it offers wearers excellent protection from the elements. Typically treated with natural or synthetic waxes or oils, leather can provide maximum waterproofing in certain types of environments. For example, waxed oiled leather offers superior protection in outdoor wet climates or environments prone to high foot traffic.

Waterproof synthetics such as neoprene and rubber are also popular choices but are often less durable than leather. Additionally, rubber may be porous and must be treated with an additional layer of waterproof polish or sealant. Gore-Tex fabrics have become popular for work boots due to their breathability, flexibility and waterproof quality. It features a patented membrane which allows moisture vapor to escape while blocking wind and water from entering the boot—ideal for hunters and outdoorsmen who need reliable waterproofing in wet conditions.

Soles and midsoles

High-quality work boots are an investment in safe, reliable footwear and are most often identified by their thick sole and textured, slip-resistant tread. Many of the boots we recommend for Irish Setter construction workers feature rubber outsoles that protect the feet and provide dependable traction. An additional layer of insulation between the outsole and insole adds comfort and can protect workers from harsh elements.

Outer Soles: The outermost layer, or outsole of your work boot is designed to be shock absorbent as well as tough enough to protect your feet from sharp objects like nails or stones that can penetrate traditional shoe soles. The soles of your work boot should also be oil, slip-, acid-, heat-, and chemical-resistant.

Midsoles: Midsoles are usually made of a cushioning material like polyurethane or EVA foam, which provides both comfort and rigidity. This extra layer of support helps absorb much of the impact forces associated with hard labor as well as extending the life span of the outsole. In some construction jobs this extra layer also may provide a cushion against electric shock hazards, making it even more important to wear quality midsole-inclusive boots on worksites where machines are running at high voltages throughout the day.


The proper insulation is a key component to keeping the feet warm and comfortable, especially in a work boot. When shopping for Irish Setter boots, look for both footbed lining and inner lining that offer lightweight insulation of some type to keep your feet warm without making the boots too heavy. Popular insulation types include Thinsulate Ultra as well as wool, fleece, and synthetic specialty fabrics.

Many boots also feature 3M Reflective Technology which helps keep you visible when working during low light conditions while also helping your feet stay warm.

Features of Irish Setter Work Boots

Irish Setter Work Boots are designed to provide comfort, support and protection in any working environment. These boots are often made from premium full-grain leather and other durable materials that help protect your feet from the harshest of conditions. They also often feature waterproofing technology, which helps keep your feet dry and comfortable. In addition to these features, many of these work boots also boast a variety of other benefits such as reinforced heels, ladder grips for extra traction and padded collars for added comfort.

To ensure that you get the best quality boots for your needs, it is important to consider all the features each model offers before making a purchase. For example, Irish Setter has a line of specialty work boots that feature steel toes for added protection against injuries while on the job site. Many models also offer additional arch support to help ensure you get the most out of every day’s wear while providing vital foot care. With these considerations in mind, be sure to carefully read product descriptions and inspect potential boot models before selecting one for purchase.


When selecting Irish Setter work boots for comfort, it is essential to consider the type of activity you will be undertaking. If your job or project requires long hours of standing or walking, then arch support and cushioning are key features in providing comfort. There are many different signs that can indicate whether a boot has enough support and cushioning, such as the insole material, type of outsole, and height of the heel.

For insoles, be sure to select boots with comfortable materials like latex foam or polyurethane foam that can provide more structure to feet while standing or walking. Additionally, Irish Setter’s thicker rubber Outsoles can help absorb shock, reduce foot fatigue and reduce slippage when working on rugged terrain. Lastly look for an extra inch on the heel which helps make a boot more comfortable while also aiding in movement over rough surfaces. These features make it possible to remain comfortable while wearing Irish Setter work boots throughout long hours on a project or job site.

Safety features

Irish Setter work boots come with a range of safety features designed to keep you safe and comfortable on the job. The boots are designed with a fully-cushioned comfort footbed with arch support to keep your feet supported, while the steel safety toe protection helps guard against impacts.

Other built-in safety features include slip-resistant treads for added traction on a variety of surfaces, electrical hazard protection, waterproof leather uppers that keep your feet dry in wet conditions, along with abrasion-, oil-, and chemical-resistant soles for extra durability. The boots also feature high visibility reflective details for added visibility when working in dark conditions or on low-light jobsites.

For maximum protection and comfort, look for Irish Setter work boots with ANSI or ASTM ratings for impact resistance and compression resistance as well as additional Breathable Waterproof technology.


Irish Setter has built a name for itself as one of the best names in footwear when it comes to performance, durability, and comfort. All Irish Setter work boots are made with leather from the highest quality cowhide, leather that has been tanned to perfection and treated for water protection and maximum breathability to keep your feet dry and improve durability.

All have extra-thick midsoles for improved cushioning against hard surfaces and temperature regulating insoles for improved comfort, moisture-wicking linings for reduced moisture accumulation inside the boots, and welted construction for extra-tight stitching that won’t stretch or come undone over time. The soles are made from rubber with heightened ridges along their surface provide increased grip on wet surfaces.

To make sure every product is durable, every Irish Setter boot goes through a rigorous testing process before they reach the store.

Fit and sizing

Finding a quality pair of shoes or boots can often seem like a challenging task. It is important to understand that fit and sizing are key aspects of selecting footwear, especially when it comes to finding the perfect pair of work boots for your needs.

When assessing the fit and sizing of Irish Setter work boots, it is important to consider several factors, such as foot shape and size, foot width, arch type, calf size, mobility level and lifestyle. Once you have an understanding of your personal requirements in various aspects of fit, you can narrow down your choices and find a setter work boot that fits correctly.

For the best fit possible, measuring your feet accurately is important. Ideally you should measure both feet as they may be different sizes depending on factors such as foot size or arch type. Additionally when selecting footwear that primarily consists of leather or other natural materials use length measurements in inches as opposed to sizes since manufacturing standards may vary across brands or styles.

In terms of width considerations indicate the “width” generally determined by measuring from the outside edge of either foot with a ruler or standard measuring tape. For those whom have particularly wide feet can look for boots with an EW (extra wide) version provides about 4 extra millimeters room around each foot compared to typical D-widths shoes. This additional space drastically increases comfort for those with wider feet without forcing them into bulkier shoe models which may also lack adequate cushioning properties present in more modern boot designs. Even then bonus insight from store personnel is not uncommon when determining which width best suits one’s own footing style and comfortability requirements during specific tasks at hand within job functions requiring specialized types of gear or gear usage most common among Irish Setters work supplies today.

Style options

Irish Setter work boots come in a variety of styles, allowing for comfortable protection and maximum agility during the most demanding jobs. Choosing the best footwear depends on current job requirements, your personal preference and the specific conditions you’ll be working in. Here are some introductory details to give you an overview of the range of choices available:

Leather Uppers – The majority of Irish Setter footwear is made with high-quality leather uppers, offering superior protection and a classic look that can easily transition from work to leisure.

Synthetic Uppers – In addition to their signature leather uppers, Irish Setter offers several models featuring synthetic uppers with mesh panels. This style combines lightweight flexibility with built-in breathability and maximum support.

Waterproof Styles – If you need maximum resistance against water damage, Irish Setter’s Ultra Dry™ technology provides superior waterproof performance without compromising breathability or fit.

Industrial Strength Solutions – For those who require full puncture resistance or heavy duty job sites such as logging or industrial construction, Irish Setter stocks a complete collection of “superior grade” safety boots for enhanced safety requirements.

Work & Western Boots – From 6-inch lace ups to 10-inch pull-ons thick alpine shearling collars and full grain leather goods, this collection has something for everyone.

Hiking Boots – Built using all the reliable components you have come to expect from Irish Setter — including GORE-TEX® waterproof/breathable technology — their latest line of hiking boots provide superior traction on wet surfaces while enabling flexible ankle movement during your toughest adventures.


In conclusion, quality Irish setter work boots are an important investment for any hardworking individual who spends long hours on their feet. With the right fit, comfort, and protection against the elements, Irish Setter work boots can help ensure that your feet are safe and comfortable for hours on end.

As a leading provider of quality work boots designed to meet the needs of active men and women, Irish Setter by Red Wing Shoes offers a range of footwear styles that look great and perform as needed in tough job sites. Whether you’re working in a factory or out in the outdoors, investing in a pair of quality Irish setter work boots could make all the difference for your daily performance and overall comfort.


Who makes Irish Setter work boots?

Irish Setter work boots are made by Red Wing Shoe Company, a leading American footwear company that has been producing high-quality work boots since 1905.

What is the difference between Irish Setter and Red Wing?

Irish Setter is a brand that is owned by Red Wing Shoe Company. While both brands are known for their high-quality work boots, Irish Setter tends to focus more on hunting and outdoor footwear, while Red Wing offers a wider range of work boots for different industries.

Are Irish Setter work boots made in the USA?

Yes, many Irish Setter work boots are made in the USA. However, some of their models may be made overseas, so it’s important to check the label before purchasing.

Is Irish Setter boots still in business?

Yes, Irish Setter is still in business and is a popular brand for those in need of durable and reliable work boots.

What are the top 5 work boots?

The top 5 work boots can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. However, some popular brands include Red Wing, Timberland Pro, Danner, Thorogood, and Wolverine.

Why are Irish Setters the best?

Irish Setters are considered to be some of the best work boots because they are made with high-quality materials and are designed for durability and comfort. They also offer a range of styles that cater to different needs, from hunting to industrial work.

How long do Irish Setter boots last?

The lifespan of Irish Setter boots can vary depending on factors such as how often they are worn and how well they are cared for. However, with proper care and maintenance, they can last for several years.

Are Irish Setters good?

Yes, Irish Setters are considered to be good work boots by many people who rely on them for their jobs. They are known for their durability, comfort, and ability to withstand tough work environments.

What is a good brand for work boots?

There are many good brands for work boots, including Red Wing, Timberland Pro, Danner, Thorogood, Wolverine, and of course, Irish Setter.

What type of leather does Irish Setter use?

Irish Setter uses a variety of leathers in their work boots, including full-grain leather, rough-out leather, and nubuck leather. They also use waterproof and breathable membranes to help keep feet dry and comfortable.

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